Receivers compatible with Turnigy 9x v2


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An old newbie here. There seems to be a scarcity of the 8ch Rx units to go with the 9x transmitter. I only need 4channels - anyone know of compatible receivers?? Thanks in advance!


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You can buy the compatible receivers on hobbyking and as far as I know they only sell an 8ch receiver comparable with the stock transmitter. Also when purchasing the reciever make sure you get the v2. But if you want for around $35 you can get a spectrum module for your transmitter and then use cheaper receivers.


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This is not a recommendation. I don't own any of these. Just pointing stuff out.

There's no official 4ch. There is a car/boat 3 and a 6. There are couple of 3rd party micros and some heli bricks that work.

Here's the FlySky compatibility table

HK/Turnigy have rebranded ones - seem to be backordered but check other warehouses.

Banggood has them

You can probably find them elsewhere. Not sure about Australia. In the US there's

There is also these compatible micro receivers...might required reflashing and other hacking and probably short range.

Some "bricks" (integrated RX esc and servo combo) are compatible from Earlier Walkera helis. Don't remember which ones off hand.
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