1. e2designs

    FT Master P51 Retracts and steerable tail wheel

    Just finished the build for the FT Master Series P-51. I wanted retracts as we do not fly at a grassy location and prop strikes are common for belly landers. I will attach the modified wing svg that I used. There is not much room for the depth of the retracts and I wanted to avoid moving or...
  2. M

    Simple retracts (9g servo operated)

    Hi! This is my very first post on this forum (but I did post an article about scout xl travel kit) This is to present my 9g operated, 3d printed retractable landing gear. It has been bench tested and can hold at least 5kg of force in all axis and each unit weight 50g at 100% infill, servo...
  3. GingerFly

    Help! Small scale rotating retracts

    Hey y'all, I am in the middle of building the FT M.M. Corsair and am looking to put some retracts on it. Does anyone have files for 3d printable rotating retracts? (like seen on the corsair) Also, is it feasible at all to try to put rotating retracts on a plane that scale? (30 in wingspan) or...
  4. corsair5.jpg


    Gear retracted
  5. R

    B17 Flying Fortress multi angle video !

    Hi, This is a video from my Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, as a result of an old Multiplex Cargo conversion. It's was painted with the scheme used by the famous B-17G "A Bit o'Lace" in 1944. This is my atempt to make a multi angle video ! Hope you like it ! B17 Bit'o Lace
  6. M

    FT Mustang "Miss America" with retracts

    I wanted to share some pictures of my FT Mustang with retracts. I'm sorry I didn't document the build thoroughly, since adding the retracts took a lot of thought in the execution since they have to be added before the wing is inserted into the fuselage, and I even went as far as adding and...
  7. A

    Ultra micro airplane retracts???

    Does anyone know of a possible way to put retracts on ultra micro aircrafts like the parkzone ultra micros? (Spitfire, p-51, corsair, etc...) I've been thinking of a way to do it but I'm not sure if it will work and be light enough. Any suggestions?
  8. B

    Full Metal Servoless Retracts - 140mm Oleo - AS NEW!

    Hi All, I've got a set of pretty much new Turnigy Servoless Retracts - 140mm Oleo that I'd like to get rid off. They were installed on an X8 project which never got off the ground (excuse the pun!). I'll include the wheels for free! As new without the box, EXCEPT when I removed them from the...
  9. J

    Are there any Electric 5 Channel Micro Warbirds?

    Hey all. I'm getting into this hobby and really enjoy it. I'm looking to get a small electric warbird but want the scale look and appearance... ie I want landing gear that retract. I have a DX6i so the channel requirement is not an issue. Anyone know the smallest scale warbird you can get that...
  10. Scottie

    Spitfire wing with flaps,retracts and removable servos

    So,I am hoping I am in the right place....Mad (Scratch) Builders has a nice ring too it :),anyway,I thought I would post a few pics and hopefully a vid of my latest mods. Let me know what you think,I'm still a ways off from testing this mod in flight,still need to build the fus for this bird and...
  11. B

    Landing gear on flying wings

    Hello everyone, Might sound a bit crazy but has anyone thought about or actually made a good set of landing gear for a flying wing? I am quite keen on installing some landing gear or retracts on my Zephyr II or future projects. Hand launching a 2.5kg flying wing isn't too much fun and it'd be...
  12. WarbirdFan66

    New Parkzone Spitfire MKIX

    Hi Pilots, i was very excited when i saw the first pictures of the new, well not that new, Parkzone Spitfire. The Plane looks great and seems to fly very nice too, considering the flight videos i saw on the net. I specially like the retract option but i was unable to find a guy on the net who...