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Spitfire wing with flaps,retracts and removable servos

So,I am hoping I am in the right place....Mad (Scratch) Builders has a nice ring too it :),anyway,I thought I would post a few pics and hopefully a vid of my latest mods.
Let me know what you think,I'm still a ways off from testing this mod in flight,still need to build the fus for this bird and it's not standard either !!

and hopefully some pics
20140321_234834.jpg 20140321_234758.jpg

I am in the middle of writing another article for the main Flitetest site and will be sharing how I did this so hang tight and all will be revealed :)
But I am keen to hear what you think ;)



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This is awesome! I can't wait to see your article. I will definitely be doing this. Thanks for sharing!
Jaxx,thanks very much :)
I've just finished writing it ,its more a pictorial than anything else but they say a picture paints a thousand words...or something like that.
It shows you everything you need, tho any further questions just gives a shout :)
just need too wait on Flitetest publishing it,been waiting 9 days for the last one :(



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The articles can take a while to be published. It's hard when you're waiting for a good artiicle, especially one with directions or plans. I love what you have done so far, and since I'm addicted to building the FT Spitfire, in my opinion, you selected the perfect airframe. I'm really looking forward to the article.Thanks again.

What parts (retracts, wheels, servo speed regulator, etc,) did you use with your mod? I figure I can start ordering the required parts now so that I'm ready to go when the article gets published.


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This is grate!

I‘ve already built my own Spifire and now I‘m waiting for the right weather for the maiden flight. If it flies well, (i.e. if I can manage it) - I would sure like to build me another wing with flaps and retracts.

Please tell us about the components you use.



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This is so nice mate! Can't believe I haven't seen it before. Got some plans going on in my head to build a 150% FT Spitfire at the moment, with FPV. Might have to use your wing as inspiration!