Landing gear on flying wings


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Hello everyone,

Might sound a bit crazy but has anyone thought about or actually made a good set of landing gear for a flying wing?
I am quite keen on installing some landing gear or retracts on my Zephyr II or future projects. Hand launching a 2.5kg flying wing isn't too much fun and it'd be nice to have some security for all the electronics and airframe.

Recently i hand launched my zephyr and it spiraled into the ground, not enough airspeed to climb out.

i saw some other guy do it but only in a small photo on the internet, definitely looks like a professional FPV/UAV model.

any ideas?


I've thought about it for a wing I'm building, but the landing gear would have to be really long for prop clearance. If you do it, post up some pics!


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Yeah I'd love to have the retract system but it seems a bit pricey.

I was having a think last night about the prop clearance during take off and landing so it'll have to be pretty high. If its long and having to support say over 2 kg it might create a bit of drag.

Maybe make my own set if I have the time.

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I put gears on my wing thing:cool:, and they worked pretty well once I took them off!:p
Kodak 272.JPG