B17 Flying Fortress multi angle video !


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This is a video from my Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, as a result of an old Multiplex Cargo conversion.
It's was painted with the scheme used by the famous B-17G "A Bit o'Lace" in 1944.
This is my atempt to make a multi angle video !
Hope you like it !

B17 Bit'o Lace


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Great plane. Great video.

I wonder how many nice planes have been spoilt when the retractible u/c didn’t work. Youtube is full of them. A guy brough a nice ducted fan jet to our club. The retracts worked 100% on the bench, but one always got stuck up when in the air. So far, I've never built a plane with retracts. Every time I see them, they make me nervous.


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Hi ! Thanks !
It's the damn Murphy's Law applied to our hobby... If something has to fail, it will fail during flight in one of ours most beloved planes...