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  1. J

    PLEASE HELP Naze32 Rev6

    i have two naze32 rev 6 boards, one new never flown and one that has been used before. they are both having the same problem. when you hook them up USB only everything seems fine, you can flash firmware and change pid save and reboot no problems. however when you want to calibrate the esc as...
  2. F

    Naze 32 Rev6 Connection issues with Spektrum AR610

    So I cannibalized the receiver out of a now scrap quad I built and I am now building a versa. however when trying to connect the naze to the ar, it does one of 2 things. 1) which is nothing, no power at all. 2) it receives power but no communication. when I'm in cleanflight, in the receiver...
  3. marktbaldridge

    Naze32 Rev 6 Full NO RECEIVER INPUT!

    Greetings all! My electrohub spider quad was flying nicely with a KK2.1, but I decided to upgrade it to a Naze32. I bought it from here: because I could get a full mag, baro, sonar version, and it was a pretty good deal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141943462470 Here's my issue, I am not getting...
  4. J

    Naze32 Rev6 Power Problem

    Hi guys I am currently doing my first Naze 32 build, I have connected the Receiver, Esc's and OSD and everything is working. But for some reason today, when trying to connect to cleanflight with a usb cable there is now a problem. The blue light comes on but is very dim and does not connect...
  5. T

    Naze32 Rev 6 with Versacopter - little help please?

    Hi everyone. I've finally gotten around to building my Versacopter and have sourced my Naz32 rev 6 board outside of flitetest. In any case, I have it all soldered up (with a sidepin layout) and it seems the new board doesn't cleanly fit into the versacopter becuase of the 10x1 pin breakout...
  6. Z

    Please Help On first build

    I recently decided to try and build my first quad, I have the motors, esc's, and PDB all wired up but am unsure on how I should setup the Flight Controller (Naze32 Rev6). I also encountered a problem when i plugged the LiPo in... it started to smoke. I've double checked all my wiring and nothing...