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Naze 32 Rev6 Connection issues with Spektrum AR610

So I cannibalized the receiver out of a now scrap quad I built and I am now building a versa. however when trying to connect the naze to the ar, it does one of 2 things. 1) which is nothing, no power at all. 2) it receives power but no communication. when I'm in cleanflight, in the receiver panel; it wont register any control throws. ive tried every pin placement possible. and ive even tested the receiver it self, and it will transmit fine to a servo. any insight would be of great help! also stupid question. since ive always stuck to spectrum equipment, would my dx6i bind a graupner receiver?



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Have you plugged in a battery and ESC/UBEC?

The Naze32 Rev6B boards will not power the RX from the USB. The earlier Rev6's will, but the 6B's will not.

Until it's powered and bound, the RX will not function in the configurator.

As for the Graupner . . . No. Different protocols. The DX6i should bind with and DSM2 or DSMX receiver from Spektrum, OrangeRx and LemonRX. There are a few other no-name DSM2/X RX's on the market, but I wouldn't trust them for anything but bench testing.
yeah, ive had the battery plugged in. ill probably just keep swapping around the connections. sometime I get something. some times I don't. unless you have some other tips.


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Good. so the obvious on that is out of the way . . .

So we know the RX and board . . . which ESCs are you using? Do they happen to be labeled "Opto"?

If so, they won't provide power to the board or RX, so the second you unplug the USB the board will cut out too.
Update: I got the it working.
Now I am having a bit of an issue with assigning a arm switch to one of my switches on a DX6i. for some reason I can connect an acro switch just fine in cleanflight but the arm switch wont arm......
Flight Mode step with Spektrum DX6i radio - Cleanflight

Here is how you program your Specktrum DX6i radio with flight mode.
Running Cleanflight program on a naze board.

Here is a youtube video on programing the radio:

Also here is video to troubleshoot arming the Naze board.
click here

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