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  1. J

    as3x-tra $88 (flown once)

    I dont need it any more, I live in boston btw pm if interested great indoor flyer in new condition
  2. J

    wanted profile 3d plane (durable) under 600mm (will trade)

    I will trade if need bee, i live in boston shiping is 50/50 cant go over 100, (i use spectrum) but can to pnp, prefered epp
  3. M

    Fatshark Goggles for sale

    Hi I'm selling a pair of the fatshark teleporter v3 for $180 with a transmitter. I will include a battery and a banana plug adapter for the battery. If you are interested in this please email me at 123gdp@gmail.com. I will include a gopro cable for free apon request. *Sorry This has been sold
  4. tw-ryder

    On the market for some things, maybe you'd like to assist us?

    Happy Monday! Office life has me down, and I can't stop thinking of flying. So I though I might spend my lunch window-shopping for my RC fix, and put a call out to the FT community to see if you can assist. My fiancée and I are just getting (back) into RC, and have a few models now. Being...
  5. B


    Sadly my time has come to exit the FPV world as I've taken on other hobbies! I've given it a long thought and stuff must go. Everything I'm selling would suit a beginner all the way up to an advanced flyer. There is a lot of stuff to go so be quick as i've priced these for what i think is...
  6. C

    Trojan T-28D model plane - $100 OBO (Cranston, RI)

    I'm selling my broken Trojan T-28D model plane. Flew it for about 2 seconds before it crashed. I wasn't experienced enough and now I'm trying on cheaper/scratchbuilt planes/tricopter. Had planned to get to repairing it (shouldn't be too hard), but now I'm moving and it's not realistic to take it...