sea duck

  1. Horseman3381

    Plane Mighty Mini Sea Duck 1.2

    At Flite Fest 2019 there was a gentleman who was flying around a 60% Sea Duck he had built. He didn’t have plans for it and told me he had just printed out a set of scaled down plans and “winged it” as he was building. Ever since I saw it, I knew I one day needed to build one. Last fall I...
  2. H

    Electric noob here

    So much jargon and acronyms I can't figure out a dang thing. I'm building the Sea Duck and don't have a clue about electric motor power requirements nor the whole motor/ESC/battery config. Only used electric in RC cars 25 years ago when the most important thing about power was # of windings and...
  3. Trains1213_YT

    Monster motor 6s lipo

    Hey guys I was just wondering what battery ft uses for the monster motor on 6s. I want to know because I eventually want to 185% a sea duck, and felt like pricing stuff out.
  4. E

    Solved Bi motors plane not going straight

    Hi everybody, First of all, as this is my first post, let me quickly introduce myself. I'm Edouard, 30 years old guy from France (excuse my english ;)), I'm in the hobby for a year and a half flying mostly a FMS Kingfisher and a Hobbyking Bixler 2. I follow the Flite Test adventure since 2017...
  5. C

    The FT Mini - Speedster (Bi-Plane - mod) A good place for a beginner to start?

    With the Covid - 19 shutdown of much of our country, I've had the time to investigate a lifetime dream of mine - owning and flying a remote control airplane. I've flown video game flight simulators, have flown as a passenger in all sizes of aircraft from Beavers in Alaska to Mooneys to...
  6. Jitseflits

    Help! Graupner MZ-10 Differential thrust

    Hi I bought an FT sea duck , but i cant get the differential thrust to work:cry:. I have the Graupner MZ-10 transmitter and the gr12l reciever. Im using channel 2 and 3 for my aillerons and elavator, and im using channel 5 and 6 for the differential thrust that doesnt work. Ive watched the video...
  7. Z

    Removing hot glue and dealing

    I've been working on building an FT Seaduck. Everything's been good so far. I wasn't able to get my hands on a Power Pack C so I just bought the individual components I needed, however I forgot to get servo extensions. The local hobby store had more than a few of these at a semi-reasonable price...
  8. P

    150% Sea Duck

    I got this crazy idea of building a larger FT Sea Duck. The 150% scale was set arbitrarily and as I was modifying the plans, I started to wonder whether I bit more than I could chew. But I still take it as a (huge) challenge. Some of my friends offered to help me with cutting the material, so we...
  9. I

    Motors only run for a half second?

    I just built the FT Sea Duck. I have all the electronics installed and I have my radio configured exactly per the FT video "HOW TO : Differential Thrust". The servo indicator shows the mixes working properly. However, when I raise the throttle, the motor only runs for less than a half second...
  10. R

    Looking for sea plan or amphibian ideas.

    I built the FT Sea Duck and I am now hooked on sea planes. I am interested in building existing sea planes and also "aquafying" other designs. I aquafied a FT Kraken into a Sea Kraken, and aquafied a FT Spear into a Sea Spear. This FT Foam is great stuff!
  11. AircPirateNinsei

    Sea Duck (Conwing L-16)

    At first i have to say: Special Thanks to rcspaceflight, SnowRocker88, nevenelestate and all the other people in the FT Forum for all the inspiration and Flite Test for the skills, that i have learned by building their airplanes! Here is my version of the famous TaleSpin Sea Duck! My Sea...