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Looking for sea plan or amphibian ideas.

I built the FT Sea Duck and I am now hooked on sea planes.

I am interested in building existing sea planes and also "aquafying" other designs.

I aquafied a FT Kraken into a Sea Kraken, and aquafied a FT Spear into a Sea Spear.
This FT Foam is great stuff!


Biplane Guy
Have you considered a Slow-Boat? It's a 3d capable foamy seaplane that looks pretty decent to boot. You'll have to do a conversion from depron to DTF, but that shouldn't be too hard.
The Slo boat is great flyer on and off the water.
I live near Scott Swanson the designer, and after seeing his, I started to get the water plane bug.
I have made two Slo Boats out of Depron to date. After doing the figure 8 on the water with the wing tip one to many times , I made the second with a two sheet thick KF type wing so the wing would hold up better.
Worked great until the big splash after the inverted tail touch!

My current project is in FT Water Resist FB and modeled after the Slo Boat. I am steeling design elements from the FT Otter and the FT Sea Duck.