simple soarer

  1. GliderFlyer

    Simple soarer RES

    Simple soarer RES ...need I say more?
  2. bracesport

    Simple Gliders - getting back into foam

    I recently decided to offer my skills to the local college primarily in CAD and design - but along the way, they told me about their Aeronautics club which I also offered to get involved with - they are lucky enough to have a reasonable laser cutter so I suggested we could make some DTFB...
  3. My Scratch built foam board hot glue electric power glider.

    My Scratch built foam board hot glue electric power glider.

    Simple Soarer wing and tail with a copied 2x4 glider fuselage. Flying with power pack "B" . flies awesome
  4. Simple Cub with Simple Soarer wing

    Simple Cub with Simple Soarer wing

    It was a bit ungainly but it flew!
  5. Simple Soarer

    Simple Soarer

  6. 28-11-2018 Flying with a friend from work [GoPro]

    28-11-2018 Flying with a friend from work [GoPro]

    Showing off my skills with the 4 channel TT and retrying to fly the simple soarer after I fixed it.
  7. 27-11-2018 - Family Flying Day [GoPro]

    27-11-2018 - Family Flying Day [GoPro]

    Family flying day. Started with training my son on the Simple Soarer 2 channels. Continued to flying a dorne with him and to wrap up the day took everyone to see me fly the TT with the sports wing 4 channels.
  8. 07-11-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 4 Channels, Simple Soarer, Versa Wing [First Time Maidens] [GoPro]

    07-11-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 4 Channels, Simple Soarer, Versa Wing [First Time Maidens] [GoPro]

    Went solo to keep training on the 4 channels TT, and also try to maiden the Versa Wing and Simple Soarer
  9. L

    200% Simple Soarer

    I'm working on making a 200% Simple Soarer. According to my calculations, the final wingspan will be about 9.8 feet. As I'm still not an expert on foamboard airplanes, I could use a little design help. The main problem is that the foamboard spars and foamboard fuselage, at least I think, won't...
  10. FoamyDM

    New and Energized here in Eastover/Fayetteville NC

    Hello, So for my Mid-life Crisis, I went on my 41st B-day and bought a cheap Blade Nano QX 3D from my local hobby store. While I was looking to educate myself on Quads and FPV I came across the flite test crew comparing some quads with FPV. Next time I was on Youtube it suggested I watch a...
  11. A

    FT Simple Soarer

    Hi, I bought 50 sheets of flitetest foam. I was planning on building the Simple Soarer. Problem is, I only have 3S 1300mAh or 2S 800mAh. Will it run on either of those? or do I need to buy some 3S 800 mAh. Thanks Kevin
  12. J

    Simple soarer battery

    whats the best battery to balance the simple soarer
  13. PlaneAddicted

    Simple Storch Aerotow

    Challenge: Setup the Simple Storch for aerotow I would love to see the Simple Storch set up to aerotow the Ka-8 and simple soarer sailplanes. I have a ParkZone SportCub which works ok for aerotowing my Ka-8 but it is a little underpowered. I don't want to change the power system on my Sport Cub...
  14. spencertrejo

    Scratch build: FPV Platform from DTFB Based on the FT-SS

    Based loosely on the simple soarer from flight test. Same wing and tail. Wing was modified for ailerons, removed the dihedral and moved the polyhedral to 4" out. The tail has been mostly untouched, besides a small mod on the rudder (no notch forward on the rudders control surface). Will be doing...
  15. B

    Frankenstein simple soarer

    first off, greetings ladies & gents, nice ta meet-cha. second this isnt so much a whole simple soarer i'm going to be trying to build here. i'm looking for deader than dead simple cause i want this to be the plane i care the least about, teach relatives how to fly a little maybe or just tow it...
  16. T

    FT Simple Soarer Mod "E" style

    I'm sure more than a few of us have opted to use the swappable pod for the SS so we can motor up and glide the day away! I found one thing that got to me- to have correct CG I had to cram an 1500mAh battery in the front. The issue is that then the plane ended up weighing more than it had to...
  17. Brendan-ATL

    Tail Heavy Simple Soarer

    I recently bought an FT Simple Soarer speed build kit. I also ordered a Lazertoyz blue wonder powerpack. The glider got here quick and was simple to put together. However the power pack was on back order so i used some old servos from a Honey Bee King 3 RC helicopter i had laying around. this...
  18. Tronglodon

    Simple Soarer Build Mistake and Repair

    Over the weekend the kiddo and I went out to put our Simple Soarer in the air for the first time. We went to the local football field which sits right next to a 30 foot tall hill. We took turns tossing the glider into the wind over the field and gradually guiding it down. In the build video...