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Simple soarer battery

It would depend on the equipment you used. If you followed the FT recommendation, A 1000mAh for the powered and a 500mAh for the glider version.

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If you built the power glider it will not balance as built. Most of us had to make the nose about 5" longer to get proper balance. I moved mine forward 5 1/4" forward after building new pod and it flew well. Good luck. I used 850mah 2s.


I really don't understand how you flew the SS, in balance, with 1500/2s!! So many of us had to build longer power pods to fly the thing. Maybe they changed the kit?


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I really don't understand how you flew the SS, in balance, with 1500/2s!! So many of us had to build longer power pods to fly the thing. Maybe they changed the kit?
I was flying the unpowered version, I needed the weight to fight the wind. I also didn't put the battery in the front of nose, I put it in the bottom of the fuselage.
I just built a Simple Soarer today. With a 3S 1300 I had to extend the power pod about 3 Inches to get it to balance and I might end up going further. Before extending the power pod I tried giving it a quick flight with a 3s - 2200 (knowing it was tail heavy) and it was bit of a handful to fly. Hopefully it will fly much better with extended power pod tomorrow. After i get it tuned in id like to put my FPV cam on it and see what kind of FPV ship it makes.
Took mine out for it's maiden flight last Saturday and when checking cg w/ a couple more experienced flyers, realized how far aft it was w/ a 1000 mah battery in it. it took 3/4 ounce of lead to get it even close. Remaking a longer power pod seems like a good plan towards getting it to balance. I also had to trim foam from the inside portion of the fuselage nose so it would fit between the battery and pod.

Can a buy a battery more square in profile instead of rectangular to provide better fit room?
Simple Soar.jpeg

I moved my power pod forward 3" inches that's just enough for my Turnigy 1300MAH to fit right behind the firewall but I still have some issues to work out. Even with the motor tilted down anything over 1/4 throttle causes the front to pull up to much. I also flew it with a 2200MAH that I mount under the power pod with Velcro. That setup is a little heaver than id like but it allows me to easily get 30min flight times.
So, after reading as much as I could on the net, if I'm building the unpowered SS I should NOT have to extend the pod? It should balance fine? I read a lot about the powered version, but almost nothing about the non powered.


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Is it possible to move the wing far enough aft in order to balance the powered glider? Seems like it should be easier to move the wing back than to elongate the nose which increases wing loading.

I threw a SS in my cart when I bought our initial Tiny Trainer. Have not built it yet though, so I don't know if sliding the wing back would be feasible.


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I'm using an 850 mah 3 cell and a Blue Wonder - plenty of power - too much at times. But I have the same COG problem and look forward to building a new pod 5 inches longer, and talking out the ounce of lead. Funny the build video doesn't cover this.

Otherwise, it flies great with power on!