1. AgentC

    Plane EZ Sparrow 1.1

    Based on the FT Sparrow, but designed for the EZ series: Above GIF: My twin flying for the first time Notes: Plans are Tiled 8.5x11", print them at 100% as per the ususal FT style. PROP NOTE: This plane has the props facing forward, so swap the props and reverse them (ie. put the left...
  2. bobalexander

    Micro Sparrow

    I had someone request the plans for a 25% Mini Sparrow for quick building. We build around 125 at a Maker Faire as make and take items - the kids loved them and they make great little chuck gliders. I did a STEM class where they experimented with the effect of changing the CG, removing paper...
  3. fliteadmin

    Plane FT Twin Sparrow 1.1

    The FT Twin Sparrow is a new twist on an FT Classic! From chuck glider to Full FPV platform with differential thrust, this little bird will not disappoint. The Sparrow was designed to create an enjoyable and fast build experience while also teaching you all the needed skills to build any of...
  4. J

    Someone to help me choosing a transmitter for the FT Mighty Mini Sparrow ?

    Hi guys, (as im french im sorry if my sentences looks weird) I've recently bought a ft mini sparrow and i was wondering what was the best and cheapest transmitter to buy:confused:.
  5. J

    FT Sparrow with FlySky FS-i6

    Hi everbody, I had to figure this out on my own, since I couldn't find any instructions on how to make the FlySky FS-i6 transmitter work for the Sparrow. Some background (n00b perspective) The FS-i6 provides both V-Tail and Elevon mixing. However, the V-Tail mixing assumes you have separate...
  6. AircPirateNinsei

    AP Sperber Mini Sport Glider Swappable (800 mm | 31.50 in)

    It's time to build the Sperber (German for Sparrowhawk)! I changed the name from SPARROW to Sperber! Every model needs a sedcard: Use your existing Mini Power Pod! Build Plan: DOWNLOAD FREE BUILD PLAN
  7. eagle4

    Sparrow v2 - FrankenPlane comp

    I had a plane i designed a while ago I called the Arrow, it had an untimely demise. You can see it here, the first plane in this video. I then re modded it and I called it the Sparrow (Super Arrow). It flew, but then it too decided to fist bump the...