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AP Sperber Mini Sport Glider Swappable (800 mm | 31.50 in)


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Excellent work with the plane build and the plans. I like that you included the control surface throw gages.
I had no issues printing using poster in adobe acrobat.

I finished building the wing. The spars require pretty precise thin cuts. I hope I was accurate enough.


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Got the plans downloaded and all put together. Is there diehdral or antihedral in the wings? Really can't tell form the photos or plans.
Are you planning on doing a more detailed build article / video? It looks pretty promising, I'm a sucker for old looking planes so I will likely round all the corners out a bit. Thanks for the plans!!!
The new name is Sperber!

Thanks to Baloo for the note. I didn't know that FliteTest is already working on a plane called Sparrow. I learned a lot from FliteTest and just like to build RC planes. It is not my intention to start any confusion.

Now the name of this airplane is Sperber. I searched the forum for this and luckily found no hits! Sperber is the German word for Sparrowhawk - greetings to Baloo to Münster in Germany! Photos and blueprint updated.

By the way, I do not plan to offer any building or construction videos - sorry revgregg65! I'm glad to find me some time for creating the blueprints and sharing my thoughts with you. Who has built FT planes already, should not have much trouble to understand the plan. I ask for understanding.

Merry Christmas! :)
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no worries, i'm considering building one towards spring as a potential replacement for my trusty tiny trainer with a sport wing. I'm sure it'll make sense once I'm into it. thanks again for the plans, looks like fun. Can you give us a rundown on the flight characteristics?
How does it fly? What can I say - awesome! It was very windy and the Sperber flew against and with the wind! This plane was always good to control. I had 50% Expo on the ailerons and 30% on the elevator and the rudder. Here's a video:



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This little airplane is too cool. I have started building one. I don't want to hijack this thread so will begin another so you can follow along on my build if anyone is interested. Will post a another thread in this forum. See you there?