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Naze32 rev 6 receiver issue.


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Naze32 rev6 Cleanflight Channel Jitter

Hey FT.

I recently got the parts for my first multirotor build (Dragonfly) with a Naze32 FC. Missing the servo, I decided to connect the FC, an ESC and receiver up to my PC to do some initial setup (binding the receiver etc.)
I then noticed after having flashed the board to the latest firmware that under the Receiver Tab in Cleanflight the different channels were fluctuating quite a bit. Between 1-3 "points"? Both ROLL, YAW, PITCH, THR & AUX1 were moving without any input from the transmitter.

The receiver is a Spectrum AR610 with a DX6 transmitter.

I've not touched the PID settings at all, but from what I've read so far they might play a part in it.

Help anyone?

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I am also having a problem with the naze 32 rev 6 board. I hooked everything up and when I go into clean flight my TAER1234 wont move at all. the only thing that moves when I move the sticks on my dx6 is aux 1 and aux two when I move switch a which is set up as my motor switch. I am also using an AR610 receiver. I cant find any videos on how to hook up this specific receiver to the naze 32 rev6 . when I go into the motor tab on clean flight I can run the motors and then seem to work good, so I am not sure what im doing wrong, an help would be great ...


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I was having the same issue trying to use a Spektrum AR6200 receiver. I opened up the receiver and removed the jack for the satellite and soldered it to the Naze board and connected just the satellite. Now everything works great. and only 3 wire to connect.
I am pretty new to this and I would need step by step instructions to do that, is there a video on youtube or somewhere that I can see how to do that?


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You can buy the speksat jack online for a few dollars. Or you can cut off the plug that is on the satellite receiver and solder the wires to the board. Here Here you can see where it connects. If you do this you will have to turn on the serial port in the connections tab under uart2. Then under configuration change receiver type to serial.
RX fluctuation

That's completely normal and will fluctuate differently with different receivers. If you have a very dirty signal it will move even more.
If anyone comes across this thread, you cannot use the set spektrum_sat_bind feature with the naze rev6. It will not put the satellite rx in bind mode. There is a hardware limitation on the board. I wasted 2-3hours I will never get back looking into this.

From rotogeeks and cleanflight github bug reports:
Attention Spektrum satellite users - satellite binding is not currently working with Rev 6 hardware - you must bind your satellite with separately with a receiver before connecting to the Naze board Instruction on how to bind the satellite directly from the flight control board, For great value and proven range, check out the Lemon Rx Spektrum compatible satellites.

Continuation from cleanflight github bug reports:
@hydra @MJ666 @JasonB91 Spektrum sat binding doesnt seem possible on the rev6 without a hardware modification. This is due to the included SBUS inverter which only allows signal going in and not out (the spektrum port signal trace shouldve bypassed the inverter imo).
This means firmware wont fix this unless the sat is connected to another gpio just for binding, and then reconnected to the uart2 port. Or you could desolder the SBUS inverter and jump the pins like I did (marked in the image below).
Sorry if this seems off topic, but it didn't seem clear that this was a hardware issue rather than firmware when it was previously mentioned.