1. Taildragger

    Skin Mighty Mini Kitfox Skins (Kyle Franklin Speedster) 1.0

    Skins for my fast Kitfox Speedster based on Kyle Franklin's 2017 Kitfox Speedster. According to Franklin it is "A blast to fly" at full scale, so hopefully it is as an RC Both skins scaled down can be seen below (and yes that is trent palmers autograph):
  2. Taildragger

    Plane Mighty Mini Kitfox Speedster (BETA) 3.0

    These plans are BETA and I am less confident in them than my Kitfox STi After making my Kitfox STi, I wondered if there was a way to make this plane more sporty, and I remembered the full-size Kitfox Speedster. I quickly modified my kitfox design to have a shorter wingspan, more aerodynamic...
  3. B

    Storch with LIFEPO4

    I have built two planes - FT Old Speedster and FT Storch and have not been able to fly them. I have a B (single) power pack and a C (single) power pack. I made a decision to stick with LifePO4 batteries, so I bought a couple Zippy 2100 3S 30C. They weigh 218g and only provide 9.9v. I put the...
  4. S

    Old Speedster underpowered?

    Hey guys, I built the Old Speedster this week, and it weighs about 500g, while the FT plans say it should be 350g (without battery). This might be because I don't use dollartree foamboard, but that aside, the speedster feels a little underpowered. I use the Turnigy Park300 1380kv from my Flyer...
  5. S

    FT Flyer/Delta electronics good enough for the Old Speedster?

    Hey guys, A short question: Are the FT Flyer/Delta electronics good enough for the Old Speedster? Will it fly well if I use those? My Flyer and Delta both fly fine. Here is a short list: -18 Amp ESC -Turnigy Park300 Brushless Outrunner 1380kv -8x4,5 prop It should do the job right? I mean...
  6. D

    FT Old Speedster modified to (FT) Old Sportster

    Let me share with you my first rc plane scratch build. I wanted something small to be able to fly over the garden, easy to fly as a trainer, slow flyer, but also a little bit aerobatic to have some fun later. When I saw FT Old Speedster in the air it was love at first sight, but it needed a few...
  7. MojoFlyer

    Mini Scout vs. Mini Speedster

    Currently learning to fly on my FT Tiny Trainer (3 channel). Had my first full battery flight without crashing last night. I have narrowed down my second plane to the Mini Scout or the Mini Speedster. I like the looks of the Speedster better, but more important is which one is easier to fly...
  8. T

    Is this mini speedster Under Powered ??

    Hi All, I had build a mini speedster from scratch, build was fine, i can see that when i toss the plane it glides bit smooth. But not able to keep it up in air. I am using 2S 500maH, Emax 1806 2380Kv 5030 prop and 3.7g servos. What you guys flying with?
  9. G

    Planes with dihedral , Is possible place ailerons ?

    Hello Flite Test friends, I´am great fan yours. I already did the fantastic old fogey project and I really enjoy it !. Now my next one will be the mini series "Old Speedster" . But When I built the old fogey I had a doubt, : What would happen if I place ailerons in planes that has dihedral...
  10. S

    Mini speedster wing mod question

    I have a question: If I were to glue a piece of posterboard across the bottom of the wing to cover the cavity and create a flat surface, would that increase the lift of the airfoil? I thinking I would only install it to the part where the wing turns up. Im looking for more lift at lower...
  11. R

    Old Speedster prop rotation

    Hi all, I purchased a 9047R SF prop http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=38917 from HobbyKing. As I look at the prop from the front of the plane it will be rotating clockwise. Did I buy the wrong direction of rotation? I know this plane is sensitive to torque...