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  1. B

    Storch with LIFEPO4

    I have built two planes - FT Old Speedster and FT Storch and have not been able to fly them. I have a B (single) power pack and a C (single) power pack. I made a decision to stick with LifePO4 batteries, so I bought a couple Zippy 2100 3S 30C. They weigh 218g and only provide 9.9v. I put the...
  2. S

    Old Speedster underpowered?

    Hey guys, I built the Old Speedster this week, and it weighs about 500g, while the FT plans say it should be 350g (without battery). This might be because I don't use dollartree foamboard, but that aside, the speedster feels a little underpowered. I use the Turnigy Park300 1380kv from my Flyer...
  3. S

    FT Flyer/Delta electronics good enough for the Old Speedster?

    Hey guys, A short question: Are the FT Flyer/Delta electronics good enough for the Old Speedster? Will it fly well if I use those? My Flyer and Delta both fly fine. Here is a short list: -18 Amp ESC -Turnigy Park300 Brushless Outrunner 1380kv -8x4,5 prop It should do the job right? I mean...
  4. D

    FT Old Speedster modified to (FT) Old Sportster

    Let me share with you my first rc plane scratch build. I wanted something small to be able to fly over the garden, easy to fly as a trainer, slow flyer, but also a little bit aerobatic to have some fun later. When I saw FT Old Speedster in the air it was love at first sight, but it needed a few...
  5. MojoFlyer

    Mini Scout vs. Mini Speedster

    Currently learning to fly on my FT Tiny Trainer (3 channel). Had my first full battery flight without crashing last night. I have narrowed down my second plane to the Mini Scout or the Mini Speedster. I like the looks of the Speedster better, but more important is which one is easier to fly...
  6. T

    Is this mini speedster Under Powered ??

    Hi All, I had build a mini speedster from scratch, build was fine, i can see that when i toss the plane it glides bit smooth. But not able to keep it up in air. I am using 2S 500maH, Emax 1806 2380Kv 5030 prop and 3.7g servos. What you guys flying with?
  7. G

    Planes with dihedral , Is possible place ailerons ?

    Hello Flite Test friends, I´am great fan yours. I already did the fantastic old fogey project and I really enjoy it !. Now my next one will be the mini series "Old Speedster" . But When I built the old fogey I had a doubt, : What would happen if I place ailerons in planes that has dihedral...
  8. S

    Mini speedster wing mod question

    I have a question: If I were to glue a piece of posterboard across the bottom of the wing to cover the cavity and create a flat surface, would that increase the lift of the airfoil? I thinking I would only install it to the part where the wing turns up. Im looking for more lift at lower...
  9. R

    Old Speedster prop rotation

    Hi all, I purchased a 9047R SF prop http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=38917 from HobbyKing. As I look at the prop from the front of the plane it will be rotating clockwise. Did I buy the wrong direction of rotation? I know this plane is sensitive to torque...