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Mini Scout vs. Mini Speedster


Junior Member
Currently learning to fly on my FT Tiny Trainer (3 channel). Had my first full battery flight without crashing last night. I have narrowed down my second plane to the Mini Scout or the Mini Speedster. I like the looks of the Speedster better, but more important is which one is easier to fly. If anyone has flown both planes, please share your experiences. Whichever one has the easier flight characteristics will be the next one I build.



Flite Test Groupie
I have built both. The Scout is my prefered of the two. The Scout is more acrobatic while the Speedster is slow, floaty and gentle. Of couse I have a much stronger motor on the scout that helps make it more acrobatic. You can build both and swap powerpods.
My first successful maiden and flight was the mini speedster. Then built the mini scout and it is alittle more acrobatic. Personally I prefer the mini speedster, I just like the way it looks in the air. Also built the tiny trainer and finally built a 800mm (80%) mustang and its my favorite so far. Planning on building an 80% spitfire next.