FT Flyer/Delta electronics good enough for the Old Speedster?


Hey guys,

A short question:
Are the FT Flyer/Delta electronics good enough for the Old Speedster? Will it fly well if I use those? My Flyer and Delta both fly fine.

Here is a short list:
-18 Amp ESC
-Turnigy Park300 Brushless Outrunner 1380kv
-8x4,5 prop

It should do the job right? I mean, the speedster is not really the plane that uses tons of power right :p

Thanks in advance,

Would I be able to use props that are a little different, like a 9x4,5 or a 8x4? It would not be a big deal right?

Does anybody know what other FT designs are compatible with this exact same setup? The Mustang and Spitfire are swappebles, but they would need a different motor right?
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Park 300 is a little bigger than the powerpack A setup that is recommended for the minis. That said, a 300 is far more than is necessary for the mini-speedster. That plane flies around just fine on a powerpack A at 60% throttle. If the Old Speedster flies anything like the mini, which I think it does for the most part, you won't need full throttle to get nice behavior.

The Tiny Trainer is much closer to the size of the Old Speedster (nearly the same wingspan but a little more than half the weight), and flies well on a Park 300 equiv. The TT has less mass and drag, but uses a different airfoil which allows faster and more stable flight.

The Speedster is slow and floaty, but draggy and a bit massive. Overall, I think it would work, so give it a try. The worst thing that happens is that it's a bit underpowered and you ditch the park 300, putting in a $10 park 370, blue wonder or something similar. The prop and ESC would already be sufficient.

Also, keep in mind you won't need speed, so you might be better off with a 8x3.8SF, for a little more grunt. Worth a shot if it feels a bit anemic with the 8x4.5.

Good luck!

ETA: 8x4 should be fine at 13xx kv on 2S. 3S might be a little much for the motor, as might the 9" on 2S. You'd have to check the motor ratings.
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Thanks for the help,
About the props, I wasnt really planning on flying faster or something, but I now use 8x4,5 props on this motor, and I was wondering if it is alright to use a 9x4,7 prop?I am still a n00b, and I am always very careful with compatibility between props and motors ;P


The normal speedster, not the mini version. I think it should all be alright tho. The Speedster is very slow and doesnt require much power.