1. L Edge

    FLYING WING 2 new tools to enjoy flying in the wind

    Don't know about you, but most days the wind blows at my flying spots. With a swept wing and only elevons, this means trouble. Crosswinds and gusts are trouble from the time you launch to the time you try to land it, Most wings need a large arena and height because of poor stability. So I...
  2. L Edge


    Awhile back, canards interested me as to what they can do and their design limitations. Interesting stuff. Did quite a bit of exploring and dreamed up this one to see what would happen. Why can't they be used as elevons? Went hunting for research data and in the Langley facilities, found...
  3. A

    Hey everyone. New to FT Forum but not new to flying.

    Hi all. My name is Andy. I'm an experienced RC pilot, model maker and prop maker fro the U.K. I studied industrial product design at Uni. I started flying 3 channel fixed wing free flight and 27mhz back in the mid 1980's Since then I've flown everything from scratch built own designes and...
  4. J

    Best Procedure for PID tuning

    I have a naze 32 on a 250 race style quad. Basically I want to get the most out of my PID tuning. I fully understand the P-I-D coefficients and what they do, I'm a mechanical engineer by training, but that doesn't give me the hands on to PID tuning procedure. So how do I start? zero...
  5. T

    Another STEM/Engineering Teacher - FPV and Stability elctronics

    Hi All, I am engineering teacher looking to do more with r/c airplanes in the classrooms. I am looking for a platform that will allow modifications to the plane, allow us to share electronics and have enough room for stability electronics and maybe telemetry and FPV. I would appreciate...
  6. I

    Gyro stabilized pan/tilt camera mount?

    Not sure if this is the best topic for this question, but seems appropriate. (Mounted on a multi-rotor, a tri-copter in my case) Does anybody have any experience with a gyro stabilized pan/tilt camera system? If so, was it a pain to set up? Are you happy with the results? Can you share any...
  7. M

    Stability for Hovering Aircrafts

    Saw a neat study on the news of how top heavy hovering objects/aircraft are more stable in flight than ones with a lower center of gravity. Check out the link! :o