1. J

    9X w/ er9x FrSky, etc.

    All Sold All Sold
  2. D

    Getting into the hobby -- need suggestions on a Tx with room to grow

    Hi, I'm planning on jumping into the hobby in the near future. I've never horsed around with R/C anything before (although I ran a Lionel O-scale setup with my dad when I was younger). I really enjoy scratch-building (I used to be an avid tabletop miniature gamer when I had more free time)...
  3. S

    Number of channels and telemetry

    Hi, I am looking at buying a new Transmitter and am relatively new in the hobby but anyway, this is my question. Why is having more channels good? What can you use them for that makes spending an extra couple of hundred dollars worthwhile. I mean once you have 6 channels: rudder, elevator...
  4. M

    FrSky DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack with telemetry

    Hi, I just ordered the FrSky DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack with telemetry. As an after though, can someone tell me is there any thing else that I need to add, to receive the battery voltage telemetry? If so, can you recommend something. Latter on I may wish to add a GPS system, but not for now Thanks.
  5. IBeHoey

    Just finished the 9X Frsky DJT Telemetry mod...

    over the weekend and wow, it was a doozy. I gotta say, there's no better feeling than doing a bunch of work on something, and having it work on the first try. In hindsight, I should have snapped some pictures before I clobbered it in hot glue but, oh well, it works!! Has anyone else performed...
  6. Will

    Suggestions: Radio Mount for Monitor, Video RX, and Telemetry

    Hi. I'm searching for a good mount for my 9X radio to attach a 4" display, RC805 video RX, Quanum telemetry display, and a 3000mAh 3S battery. Can you guys give me some tips of a good way to do it? Links to diy projects are wellcome. Tnx. (here is an example of a guy who did what I'm looking...