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FrSky DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack with telemetry

Hi, I just ordered the FrSky DF 2.4Ghz Combo Pack with telemetry. As an after though, can someone tell me is there any thing else that I need to add, to receive the battery voltage telemetry? If so, can you recommend something. Latter on I may wish to add a GPS system, but not for now Thanks.
If the package you orderered included a D-8 II plus receiver, it is automatically pinned to give you rx voltage. You'll need the sensor above for flight pack voltage if you're flying electric. You'll also need a data station to display this wonderful knowledge as it won't be on your transmitters display. FLD-02 is the unit, it plugs into the back of your transmitter module and runs about 20 bucks.

And if that wasn't enough, the output on the battery monitor/sensor above also only plugs into the data hub THEN the data hub plugs into the receiver, so you have that to do as well. But there is a cheaper battery monitor that goes across the total battery the FBVS-01 it will report back total pack voltage not individual cell and will plug into the A2 channel of your reciever.

Both the RX voltage and the flight pack voltage will then be displayed on the fld-02 unit which you'll need to mount to your transmitter somewhere. I bought all my stuff at ALOFT hobbies. It'll get to you by Friday.