1. Belial2801

    plane doesn't go straight

    hello, some time ago I had a problem with my first plane because it didn't move straight, I stopped the project and a few days ago I thought I had it ready so I tried it and surprisingly it moved straight (I tried it without the wings), today I built the plane (with wings) and the problem...
  2. N

    Help! Bix 3 Battery.

    Hi Everyone, I just ordered a Bix 3 recently and I wanted to use a 3s 5000mah Turnigy battery with it However the recommended battery for this plane was a 3s 2200. My only worry is that the 5000mah is around 220g heavier and so would probably make the plane severely nose heavy, does anyone have...

    Help! Flying Rc Car

    Hi! I am thinking about trying a project to fly my rc car. I have a power pack C for propulsion and was planning on building the airframe around the rc car so that I could still drive. The car weighs a little less than 6 lbs, and I think the power pack C weights a little over a pound. I think it...
  4. 10tpeg

    Help! Foamboard weight - scaling UP

    Hi there! Im in South Africa, and plunged right in and bought 5 large sheets of 5mm foamboard. Then I built a Simple Scout as my first build, to become acquainted with the FT build tecniques. All went well, but the CG was WAY out, so after reading the forums, I designed an extension to the nose...
  5. Ventus

    FT foam board weight

    Couldn't find the info so I thought I'd ask here , does anyone know what the weight (per area) of the FliteTest foam board is? I suspect it is a fair bit lighter than what I am using and would like to confirm this (or else I am really careless with the glue or deficient in some other area...
  6. O

    mighty mini mustang questions

    Hello. I`m posting here to see if somebody could help me out to get some answers. I want to buy and build the mighty mini mustang. But I have some questions: -with the power pack F, is it possible to switch between 2s and 3s batteries? -would be better to use 2s instead of 3s to keep it...
  7. W

    Newbie help With Sea Otter

    I just finished the FT Sea Otter build. This is my second build, my 1st was the FT Flyer. I used Hobby Lobby foam board instead of Adams and I used Minwax on it trying to be sure it was water resistant. It ended up quite tail heavy so I added some weight to the nose. Now without the battery the...
  8. P

    How to Calculate Wing Size for Plane Weight

    Does anybody know of a good method for calculating the wing size (wingspan / area) needed for a planes overall weight. Is there a simple formula that can be used to work this out? Google'd a few sites but they seem to either contradict each other or explain it in a way even a NASA engineer would...
  9. H

    I have a weight problem.

    Outside the US us scratch builders have a very different foam board available. Among the differences is weight. Some have said it's as much as 30% heavier. My question is how can I compensate for the weight? I've built a Tiny Trainer and I know it will fly because if I throw it it has a lovely...
  10. Fuzzy Whumpkin

    The FT Flyer is Highly Questionable!!!

    Hey Y'all, Working on my first RC build :applause: Progress: motor, props, tx/rx, and batteries are all in, waiting on an ESC from china. I got bored this weekend and bought 2 sheets of foamboard, and was surprised to get an FT FLYER and a NUTBALL out of 2 sheets!! BUT, I have a problem...
  11. I

    Stubborn Ft Versa

    Hey guys. I'm new to the hobby, and made an ft versa from 5mm foam board. 40a turnigy 1450kv brushless outrunner, pusher configuration, 30a (I'm so sorry, but due to budget this was needed, and I never go above 3/4 throttle for more than 3 seconds) ESC, and a 2800mah 3s. I have 9x7.5 and 9x4...
  12. K

    New guy battery question

    Hey, I've been working on tuning and getting my flame wheel 550 flying better. I'm an adventurer and tend to jump into things, so I added a cheep camera gimbal to the rig. When I get out in the air I can see right away that me video is more smooth. However that's the extent of the pros...
  13. A

    Dragonfly frame weight / other questions?

    Hello FT crew! Does anyone know the weight of the dragonfly frame? Also what is the spacing of the motor mount holes (standard disk, not tilt mount)? One more question, what is the suggested landing gear setup. (I don't think the supplied gear will work with 2 motors pointing down :) Thanks...
  14. S

    FT Flyer (and all swappables) all up weights

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding info on the all up weight of the FT flyer, and it got me to thinking that it would be really helpful if this was a detail on the article for each plane. I'm in the UK and have used the heavier foam board they sell here, along with some probably very OTT pushrods...
  15. S

    Which scale do you use to weigh your airplanes?

    I'm still pretty new to the hobby but am starting to learn the math for various aeronautical calculations. Clearly many of them require you know the weight of the plane. Which scale do yo use to calculate weight? I was thinking about using a postal scale, does this sound like a good idea?
  16. J

    Anycopter 370 Quad config. Gimbal

    Hey everyone, I got a question, I've build a Anycopter 370 as a Quad config. with Park 300 1080kV Motors and a DJI NAZA M Lite w GPS on it. What do you think I can load on the Quad, is the Quad able to to lift a Gimbal (185 g) and the SJ4000 Cam (60 g)? Best reegards from Germany, Johannes
  17. A

    FT-3D Dirt Nap - A preferred weight question

    Today I was intending to maiden the scratch build of the FT-3D. It was a normal day, but it turned out to be my worse flying day out of my 'career'. I had strayed from the recommending build, deciding to use a smaller propeller, .0947EF prop, than the recommending 1200kv motor. I only have the...
  18. C

    Weight of Ready Board

    Hi everybody. I've been flying for little over a year and the cost of crashing has seriously started to injure my wallet. The Flite Test swappable series keeps seeming like a better and better idea, however we don't have the availability of ready board anywhere in South Africa. I have...
  19. L

    FT Flyer Target Weight

    Hello Friends, I have a beginner question for building my first scratch build. What should be the target weight for my FT Flyer? Motor: 24gram Brushless Outrunner 1500kv Prop: Slow fly 8x4.5 Battery: 3S 1000mah Esc: Hobbyking SS Series 18-20A ESC Radio: Old futuba attack 4 AM radio My current...
  20. JDConover

    Thrust vs Power to Weight Ratios for Prop Planes

    I'm scratch building the FT Cruiser and would appreciate all the help that anyone can provide in designing the power system from the ground up. I know that I can use the parts specified by Flite Test but I really want to learn the fundamentals for future builds. I'm not into 3D flying yet so I...