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BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan

Plane BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan 1.0

Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
A rather sturdy master series build with a 46" wingspan that has a nice glide path and flies quite prototypical on a 3S battery with a 2216 1120kV motor (I'd assume a Power Pack C would be perfect). I've attached a PDF build notes document to get you started until I have a chance to do a second build with more pics and perhaps a video. Some aspects of the build are a bit tricky, but I hope to have covered them either in the previously mentioned doc, or in small notes throughout the plans. As designed, it can be built with or without flaps (pay attention to plans before cutting depending on which you choose to do!) The design uses 9g servos - 4 without flaps, 6 with...

The plans were laid out to print on 11x17 paper and to minimize seams on parts. I believe the build takes 7-8 sheets of DTFB (I wasn't keeping close tabs when I built it - although my first build probably took 12+ sheets :ROFLMAO:

Build thread https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/adventuring-into-my-first-ms-design-bf-109-g2.67035/

Post here with any build questions and I'll do my best to get an answer back to you pretty quickly.

As of version 1.0 (initial upload) I believe the plans to be pretty sound with minimal to no tinkering, but I have not done a complete build from scratch off of the final plans yet!


Maiden flight (10 minutes, 2 separate flights, unedited). Note the first flight was with a 10x5 prop and was quite under-powered. A 10x6 prop was used on the second flight with better results. I flew a 3S 2200mAh battery. Note in teh doc that the throws need to be a bit aggressive (especially on the ailerons), although I might have been flying too slow!:LOL::ROFLMAO:

Nearing completion with a few additional details...

(desperately needs a spinner! :ROFLMAO:)
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