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1/2 Inch Foam Board

I have been gifted 12 sheets of half inch sheets of 4' x 8' foam board. Appears to be very slightly heavier than FT board. I am just stymied as to what to do with it. I am thinking anything I build with it will have to use the Monster motor at least to be flyable. Dual C motors is the biggest I have built but other than oversizing existing plans I'm not sure what i'd build with it. I have 30ish or so planes hung and stored everywhere so that's another problem...
Suggestions are invited...


Master member
I made a stand off sort of kinda F104 not very scale with a 5ft wing that would fly on a C pack motor since it flew on a 540 RC car motor. Silver coated 1/2 foam insulation. A vivid imagination helps along with a willingness to crash.