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1/3 Scale B-17


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Note: This is not an RC aircraft!!

This is a fully flyable, experimental aircraft with four engines, retracts, and a total of over 240 hp.

This would be considered a complex category of airplane and require a special certification

on your pilot's license to be allowed to fly it.

It sure looks like it would be a fun one.

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

The project was started back in 1999 and is just now nearing completion.

The airframe is all scratch built (of course) and made out of aluminum.

The main gear retracts just like the real B-17, and has proven to be the most complicated part of the project.

The engines are the Hirth 3002 4-cylinder 2-stroke that usually have a reduction unit and make about 80 hp.

Jack chose this engine because of its size... it was small enough to fit inside a properly scaled nacelle.

However, to make it fit properly, the reduction unit is removed which will bring the power down around 60 hp each, with the engines spinning the 46.4" diameter props at about 3,300 rpm.

This project, coming to life in Dixon Illinois , has to rank as one of the most fascinating home built aircraft projects of all time.

It's the kind of idea that weird people like me dream up but rarely does anyone actually follow though.

With an estimated 20,000 hours of labor required to build this cute little beast, it's understandable why. With a 34 ft 7 in wingspan, estimated 1,800 pound weight and four 60 hp engines for a total of 240 hp, the Bally Bomber is just pure awesome!

Be sure to check out the hundreds of pix from the build process along with additional info at TheBallyBomber.com <http://theballybomber.com/>


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I love it. I have a B-17 with a 6.5 foot wing with 4 .26 engines on it. I am new to this blog thing so have trouble getting around in it.


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That is so... weird. I can't decide if it's awesome or not... Okay, it is awesome. But I really wouldn't know what to think if I saw that flying above my parents farm.

To be fair I got a little weirded out when I saw a bi-plane flying over a nearby town. I haven't seen a bi-plane in the air out side of an airshow since... well, I think it was the only time.

jayz 84

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Very cool. That would be a blast to fly in.. but its also funny to see this thred as a b17 came in today (airport i work at) just a few hours ago. For the show and plane rides next week. Few others warbirds came in too...