140mm HD quad


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Awaiting the electronics (hopefully by the end of next week).
Such a sweet looking 'lil thang!!


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OK, pretty much have this beauty of a quad done. Need to set the switches in betaflight, check the motor rotation directions and decide on a better antenna.
A few pictures taken whilst building

Starting off with the 4-in-1 ESC - trying to keep the wiring super neat.
IMG_20190216_112314165.jpg IMG_20190216_112316879.jpg

Wiring up the Flightboard and Caddx turtle V2 camera. The camera comes with a copper-clad board which I suspect is to help shield the mainboard from RF interference. So I laced this down first as the front motor wires are passing directly underneath it.
IMG_20190216_120557504.jpg IMG_20190216_132319038.jpg

And the completed quad.

And the weigh-in - 152grams