20 inch Flying wing with multirotor flight controller/Balsa/Foam sillyness

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Final plane will be scaled up a little and all foam.

:) hi I took some pics to share of my little plane. Secong post. First DIY plane. I Usually fly multirotors but I destroyed them all haha. I am converting racing drone parts to airplane parts sort of. The CLI needed tweeked a bit and I still have more work to do. The final plane will be all foam with a carbon spar. Just seeing if I can make spare parts into a plane. :ROFLMAO: Going to make foam plans of whatever the final design is. hope you like it. Its a peppy little motor. Makes around 550 grams of thrust and the plane weighs 170. Its a little beefy but the battery is half the weight. I used a CG calculator online to get a point of where it should be and used that as a guideline.


DYS F4 flight controller with servo routed to motor output via CLI
20A brushless speed controller
Tmotor f20 4000kv
4s-550mah lipo
3 inch propeller
hitec servo (waiting on one more $ for the other)


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im sure it will be hahaha its got small throws for now and will need a bunch of changes. Glides not too bad so im hopeful at this point. Room for a 4 inch prop if necessary.