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The Birth of a 3D Printed 3-Axis Gimbal


Gravity Tester
Hey everyone! I just wanted to update this design thread by sharing some updates.

The original gimbal design has been updated with changes that make it even more stiff and resistant to vibrations. I have been using this new design and it really has been an improvement.

I have also made a modified version of the gimbal so that it can now support GoPro Session cameras. I have not had the time to test the new design changes (2 new parts to mount the camera), but from the CAD it looks like things should work.

There are at least two more gimbal designs that I want to make/share with you all, but so far they have been challenging. I hope to spend some time working on them so that I share them with you!


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Antigravity or bust...
Hi Snarls, Nice work!
I built a rig like yours (not as nice) with a front mounted gimbal. That was tough enough for me, I can't imagine actually manufacturing the gimbal too. Mine flew away about the time I got everything tweaked on it. I had GPS for it but had procrastinated installing it, lesson learned. Since I was more used to flying fixed camera and using the FPV view (monitor not goggles) to determine the orientation if I get too far out, with the gimbal, once I got out too far and tried to fly it back by the FPV view and sort of panicked (dropped) when I realized the gimbal was masking my pitch and roll, go figure. I had almost a year of successful flights with the thing, mainly just lost track of camera pitch.
Will be watching for your threads and videos,


Gravity Tester
Hi Ken, thanks for the kind words. That is unfortunate what happened to you. I agree that flying through a gimbal can be difficult. With GPS assistance, it is easier, but the spacial awareness is nothing like having a fixed FPV cam. I generally like to frame my shots through the gimbal, and fly LOS when possible.