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3 hours, 4 swappables!

Well I pick up a Hamilton's worth of foam and last night in about 3 hours I made the delta, nutball, flyer, and the sidewinder missile!

Flew the swappables this morning in 15mph winds and I love them all. It's my 2nd nutball but ive had 12 snowballs but my first delta dart and delta w/kf foil and of this size.

My fuse has the blue wonder on 20a esc and ar6100 rx. 2s and 3s 500mah lipos. No landing gear. I didn't use paint, instead I used colored packing tape. Works great.

Servos are just random extras u had between 7 and 15 grams in weight.

I love the build techniques and I'm amazed that they come out light enough with the paper on! This makes the. Very strong! I flew the delta into the house wide open and it tumbled to the ground with damage of any kind! Just a crease in one wing. The delta isn't all that fast but flies well and rolls crazy. It'll do flat spins and waterfalls. It's a little heavy on the wing but the 3s gives it way more power than It needs!

The dart is great. Very slow but will do aerobatics just like the nutball but flies slower and more stable, IMHO.

I've got to get servos for the rocket but I know it will fly well.

Next I'm going to do the bloody wonder and fogey. After that I'm going to design a 3D swappable and a seaplane if noone beats me to them!

Thanks for these great budget fliers!!