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3D Hawk: PERFECT for beginners!

For those who would like to get into the 3D Plane's, I would suggest the 3D Hawk. This is my first 3D Plane and is VERY easy to fly with even the most minimal experience. They say to use 5g servos but all I had have are 9g and they work just fine. I also suggest getting a CF wing spar as it WILL need it. There is just to much flex in the wing to not have one. I didn't know this so I used bamboo skewers as a spar and it works perfectly. 500 mAh batteries run 4 min or so with a lot of 3D full throttle flying and 6 min or so with easy going flying. You can use larger batteries up to 850 mAh but I wouldn't go to much larger than that otherwise it will throw the CG off unless you use a counter weight. You can go as large as a 9x6 prop but I would recommend 8x4 for the best performance. I use 9x6 because it was what the hobby shop had at the time. The stock prop that I received was WAY off balance and didn't perform well at all even after balancing. With a 8x4 prop you can fly just below half throttle and cruz around all day. I also mounted the elev & rudd servos behind the main wing where it meets the fuselage (more streamline).

All in all this is a great 3D trainer, very fun to fly,great value and VERY durable (Trust me! LOL)

I would suggest that you make copy's of the foam parts so if you ever need to replace something, you have a copy of it to transfer to another piece of foam (or just to make more of them)