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3D Pen

So my wife got me a 3D Pen for Christmas. I knew they had 3D printers but I have never heard of a 3D pen. Looks pretty neat and I am curious to see what I can create with it. I figure as far as RC planes go, I'd like to see if I can do control horns with it OR just whatever else that comes up. Anybody else have experience with these and have any tips on using one?

3d pen.jpg


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My experience with one was that it was difficult to get it to print cleanly - that is, I couldn't get it to print a smooth, straight line, no matter how hard I tried. It can clearly be used to make impressive models based on the guy who did a Smaug model, but I've got a feeling he has the hands of surgeon to get to that point...
I have an AIO Robotics (https://popular.reviews/3d-printing-pen/#2_AIO_Robotics_PR1002 - here's the review I read on it) and I've done quite a few projects with it up to this point. It's a snazzy little thing, feels like a feather in my hand and it's quite fun to let your imagination loose with it. Built a few tiny planes but nothing spectacular up to now, they all look like they're made by a 3-year-old. I definitely need more practice! :LOL:


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i have a 3D pen too. For eg a control horn, you "cant get" it smooth enough to ensure no rod sticks. its gonna be a rough surface.