3D printed and Foam Airboat


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Just posting this now, but a couple months ago I built this 3d printed and foam airboat.
It uses:
  • 750kv rcmc multirotor motor with 12x5.5 carbon prop
  • 30A Emax esc
  • 3500mah 3s lipo
  • old waterproof servo from a Traxxas Slash car (I attempted a cheap 9g and it could not move the rudder well at all)
  • Transmitter and receiver from a Traxxas Slash car
I waterproofed the receiver and esc with 5 minute epoxy and haven't had a problem yet. I opened the receiver case and slathered epoxy on then closed it while the epoxy was still malleable. To waterproof the esc I just put epoxy in the ends of the shrink wrap and wiggled the wires around. The servo was already waterproof.

The hull is solid 2" XPS foam from Lowe's which I covered in 2-4 layers of packing tape. I cut 45* bevels with a jigsaw then sanded it smooth and rounded with a more shallow angle on the bow edge.
The 3D printed section, which is most of the boat, was printed on an Anet a8 in grey PLA. If people want it, I can share the stl and fusion 360 files for it, but they are far from perfect and required a lot of work with a dremel. The 3D printed part could easily be replicated a little more simply out of wood and bent aluminum.
To attach the rudder I created two halves of hinges, then I used pushrod wire as a hinge pin. The rudder itself is obviously FT water resistant foamboard that I inserted into a slot in the plastic rudder piece. This was strengthened with skewers and more packing tape.


I apologize for the video quality. I was trying to film and drive at the same time.
This is the best airboat I have made and I'm excited to use it in the snow this fall!


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Also, I forgot to mention this, it usually tracks straighter than this but i was using the throttle with my finger and the wheel on my thigh(which is not known for its great dexterity) because my phone was in my right hand filming.