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3d printed EDF help!!

Do you know if there in anyone on the forums that could make the planes for a 70mm EDF? I am hoping to be able to 3d print one but don't have the skills to design one. I figured they might be able to design it around an cheap but good motor. Maybe from hobbyking? Thanks!!
Have you tried Thingiverse? I did a quick search and saw a few options, though since I've never worked with EDFs I can't speak to the design quality.

Are you wanting to print the impeller as well as the housing? I've played around with printing 8"-10" propellers and had pretty mixed results. I don't know if I'd trust a printed impeller at the required speeds for EDFs. Either way traditional FDM printing might have trouble with the tolerances required too, SLA/DLP (or even SLS or other industrial grade machines if you have access) would be much better suited and would give you a much smoother surface finish but I would still question the structural integrity at such high speeds.

I'm not saying it's impossible or that it won't work, but if you do find a design and try it please take proper safety precautions when you test it. That's a lot of energy to be putting into possibly brittle plastic.

I'd probably suggest buying a proper injection molded product from HobbyKing or the like.


Some guy in the desert
SLA/DLP tends to be weaker than FDM despite the higher quality surface finish - the resins are usually pretty delicate and brittle. Even things like spinners on normal props can be really tough to get reliable prints that don't fly apart and those tend to be lower RPMs and stress than the impeller on a EDF.

Like Tanyoon I won't say it's impossible...but I haven't seen anyone pull it off and testing it can be rather dangerous.

Best bet would probably be to use a printed part to create a mold and then cast it with some high strength casting resin if you were determined to make your own. But that wouldn't be very economically advantageous as that kind of casting resin isn't very cheap and tends to come in larger containers....might be worth it if you plan on making a lot of of them - but for a one off you'd almost certainly be better off just buying one from China.