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3D Radios

Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie with megapirateng...

Issue: no heartbeat packets received when trying to connect via 3D Radio..

Boad rate on both the usb tel. and the remote at at 57.. Im able to load the info on missionplanner and they communicate its just when i try to connect it for data flight.. so far i only have GPS and telemetry plugged in board is being powered by ESC.

Info about quad copter:

X frame

AIO Crius (http://hobbyking.com...and_Megapira...)

GPS - (http://hobbyking.com...GPS_Module.html)

Telemetry - (F03016 Dual TTL 3DRobotics 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit 915Mhz for APM APM2)

I connected the gps and telemtry to S1-S3

gps works fine when I connect via USB..

MissionPlanner version 1.2.87

I am able to see the two green lights solid and abe to bring up the settings under Config/Tunning then 3d radio..i double check connections and they match everthing looks good.

I have a read a few forums and they dont give a solid fix.. I tried a few things un installing MP and going with older versions.. and no luck.

Please help sorry if im all over on this post but Im trying to give as much info as possible.