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4 Metre Glider Scratch Build

What should I build next?

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Jackson T

Well-known member
I'm going to have to get into FPV after seeing your footage. I've always felt flying RC is vicariously satisfying the desire to fly. Looking out the front of a glider through a camera brings that feeling even closer.
You should definitely try it, it's heaps of fun! Quite a stunning view from up there too, I might add. There's a really cool thread over here about scale cockpit FPV with head tracking, if you're interested.

Jackson T

Well-known member
I flew my glider again today, but I had an elevator trim issue so I cut the flight short. I started flying around downwind of myself to lose altitude, but I flew over a herd of sheep that must have triggered a thermal (or were farting heaps :ROFLMAO:). After deciding to keep flying instead of landing, I flew back and forth through the lift. It was very hard with the elevator not being trimmed, but I managed. I started flying around the area at maybe 12m altitude or so, but a few minutes later it was at least double the starting altitude! I am not sure if this will ever be a great "thermal machine", but today proved that it can be done. I am building a Simple Soarer to teach my little sister to fly on, so hopefully I can learn to thermal properly on that.
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