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A beginners guide to multirotors (written by a beginner)

Hey guys,

I've been watching flite test for a while now (about a year) and have recently decided to spend on a Versa copter kit. I have everything down, now issues, except one. 2 mm bullet connectors are said to have a maximum amperage of 20 amps. However Luminier's 30 amp esc's (on the flite test store) have 2mm connectors. Could this cause any issues? Is there cause to be concerned, or should i just go with it?

Any help to this noob will be appreciated
Being an absolute beginner, I decided to start with the "Tiny Whoop" format 65mm. First, buy a Furibee F36 for about $20 and learn to fly LOS around the house. Next, progress to an Eachine E013 (or similar) package that includes goggles for about $80-$100; again, learn to fly FPV inside the house. Although, this may sound "cheap", I have learned to fly, everything works, these quads are extremely durable, they are easy to repair and parts are available and inexpensive compared to larger quads. These are great even as you move to more powerful or larger scale quads.