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A fantastic day with my little man at the park :)


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Had a fantastic day today. My son started High School this year and such we haven't flown after school for ages. In any case before I went to pick him up the Aussie Post Courier delivered a large Box from Hobby King, 1 aircraft for Thomas and 1 for me, plus a whole heap of other little goodies.

Picked him up and went straight to the park. We tried some FPV with the NOVA OSD and Thomas got to fly his other two planes (Kinetic 800 and TekSumo). We had a total blast flying on the first day of winter . . and it was perfect, then when we finished, we came home to play with our new toys!

I'll upload a video once I get around to editing it.



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VERY nice....
I would love for my 2 sons to be more involved in flying with me but they both work and have other obligations as well. But its great that you and your boy got some stick time together. Let's see those new toys...I LOVE new toys!


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The funny thing is he wasn't interested in flying at all and only a few years ago I got rid of all my RC planes, then just over a year ago, he wanted to have a go at it and now he is crazy about flying. I'll post the video of him flying his TekSumo yesterday and if you see the joy and smile on his face after landing it . . he loves it big time.


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Kids , Be glad you have one , or some . One day they are gone and Thean you know how nice it was to have theam there .
I miss my oldest I see her 1 a year , lol , I do miss her .
I am glad to see you and your son happie


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Yes I can only imagine what its like when they leave the nest :( I guess the up side is we are still a little way away from that, so still lots of quality time to enjoy between now and then. Can't believe just how quick they grow up


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Hahahahaha- my oldest boy (now grown) is still a Lego and Minecraft maniac.
My sons and I have found great common ground with this flying hobby.
Looks like you and Thomas have too. I have enjoyed watching many of your videos :)


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jetpackninja; said:
I have enjoyed watching many of your videos :)
Thanks, its been great flying with him.

I actually get far more enjoyment watching him fly and shear joy in his eyes when flying it still blows me away. As far as the legos go, I'm hoping he grows out of them soon because we have so many in the house it drives me nuts. For the life of me, I have no idea what they see in Minecraft and its poor graphics but the kids love it.


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For the life of me, I have no idea what they see in Minecraft and its poor graphics but the kids love it.
Old games were not about graphics, they were about enjoyment. I have never played Minecraft, but I know what it's like. It's not at all about graphics, it's about enjoying and constructing stuff - opposite from today's blow-stuff-up-games.
Just stumbled upon this thread.
I have just 2 things to say
"A Beast"
and 2nd Josh and Josh may have some compettion in the near future. Good review


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I have just 2 things to say
"A Beast"
Yes he is overly passionate about his TekSumo hey!

I think he must be the biggest Flite Test Fan ever, he was actually learning to fly at the same time as Josh Scott and I remember I would be teaching him and he would also be watching and learning from both Josh's, So it was like he had 3 instructors :) I think our discover of Flite Test couldn't have come at a more perfect time for him!
I love watching fathers and their kids doing something as enjoyable as this together. I have to say though, that's the first time I've seen a flight review/ flight where the pilot was wearing a white shirt and tie!


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Got some great looks once when a work mate and I went to the local oval at lunch time, dressed up in business attire setting up and trimming out a 2m glider...

Paul, you'll have to pull out the tweed suit for your next vid (flyfishing or flying)