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A new Addict.

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Recently, I was given the beat up Hobbyzone supercub fuse and radio. A friend of mine managed to spin it, and chop the tail feathers off as it hit his roof. he kept the "important stuff" the wing, the LG and the Battery.
My brother saw the plane, and said the magic words... Could I have it, PLEASE?
30 minutes and some blucore later, I had a semi blucub sitting on my basement floor, and my brother was taxiing it all over.
We flew it just before sunset last night, and with almost no fixed wing experience, He flew it launch to landing, and made a perfect one.

Immediately after that, We had our dihedral go from 5 degrees to 180 degrees. oops...
Thou shalt not forgeteth thy dihedral brace!:black_eyed: