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A10 Warthog Score n Fold from FRCFoamies

After a few months of testing and modifying and repeating, Jay and I are confident that we have a real stable, aerobatic and above all "cool" plane to offer as a free download:
The FRC A10 Warthog!
This is a hard plane to set up, but if you follow the cg mark, power system recommendations and motor angle on the plans plans precisely, you will quickly fall in love with it. It may be an advanced build, but it certainly flies lke a beginner plane and is fast and maneuverable. The A10 is so stable that, once trimmed in, you will notice it is capable of some real hands off flying! If that doesn't work out for you then...we built it tough- double thick wings and tail that incorporate 4mmx2mm cf tubes. I'm using 2 aileron servos (so that flaperons are an option) and one elevator servo. It's possible to work out a single aileron servo if necessary. Rudders will be tough on this, so we don't recommend it. And, this takes 2 sheets of depron. Over the next few nights I will be adding build pictures of my A10 to help assembly. We hope you enjoy these plans!
Please visit www.frcfoamies.com or follow this link to download:

20130529_174957-1.jpeg 20130529_175010.jpeg 20130529_175020.jpeg
I've built and flew this awesome beast. It is tough and does fly like it's on wires. It is a intermediate to expert build level, but if you do tackle it, you won't regret it. If you follow everything like F1wannabe said, it will fly right out of your hands with no unexpected results. I barely had to trim it. I retired the 1st one because of my testing the toughness, but not on purpose. My flying skills are lacking a bit. But by all means head over to FRCFoamies and check out all of their planes, they are awesome.