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AC/DC power adapter for RC832

I am looking to buy an AC/DC power supply for the RC832 receiver in place of using a battery. I hope I ask this properly: what is the polarity of the plug going into the RC832. Is the out side + or - . typically, you will see an icon that shows the center pin as + and the outer portion as - (or the other way around). I have been searching the web for any examples and have found nothing.

Does anyone have any recommended AC adapters?

Thanks for any assistance.
Try using an old nicad charger. Cut off the connected and solder on the barrel plug. As for the barrel plug, it is positive on the inside and negative on the inside.
Found the answer - posting in case someone else wants to do the same

Here is the answer to my question in case others would like to do this.

In setting up a base station for FPV, I wanted to use a AC/DC power supply in place of a battery. The center post on the RC832 is positive and the outside of the barrel plug is negative. I found an old 12v output power supply lying around with a bunch of junk cables and more. Any way, I just used the JST to barrel plug cable that came with the RC832 and made sure the center post was positive. Remove the JST and connect directly to the ac/dc 12v output power supply. Easy solution and works great.