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Actual resolution throughput for FPV equipment?


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I have not been able to find a set of answers to these questions re: FPV. It is probably easy, but seems difficult to me.

I have the standard 200mw 5.8Ghz VTx and companion VRx. My 7" LCD monitor is 800 x 480 pixels and connected to the VRx by an RCA cable.

My first question is: will the VTx send all the information (regardless of the camera's TVL number) down and through the VRx? :confused:

I have read that the higher the TVL the higher the camera's resolution, but with my monitor at 800 x 480, would any TVL over 480 be wasted? And, if not, what TVL would be best for my monitor? :confused:



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Yes, the VTX will send all the information, likely up to a pretty high resolution, as the radio signal produced by most FPV systems can carry quite a bit of data.

What is picked up the the receiver is bits and pieces of the radio signal, along with any data embedded in it. As the signal gets weaker (distance, blockage, interference), there is less of the signal being received which eventually starts eating into the part of the signal that carries the video data. In theory, having more data within each wave would make it more likely that critical data (video) is lost as the signal gets weaker.

I've no idea how much data a radio signal can carry, so I couldn't tell you where the thresholds are for when you'd start noticing a significant degradation of the video feed due to the use of a higher-than-necessary resolution camera. But given it's much cheaper to just match the resolutions of input and output...

BTW, the video output from the camera is likely to be 600x480 (from what I've seen available), not 800x480, so you'll have two black columns on each side of your picture.