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I got a cheep headset and all in one camera VTX and stared flying FPV using my A-Tail. It has been great. I am now looking at getting some slight better equipment and with all the options out there, looking for some suggestions or guides on what to look for.

Specifically things that I am looking at:
  • Ability to DVR (have had multiple people ask about seeing the flights)
  • Ability to go up VTX power (got blasted with some static a few times - I think from another plane motor pulsed near by... I might just need better noise rejection in the headset - if there is something else that I should be looking for regarding static blasts, I would like to know what else to check - I definately could see it being bad noise rejection in the receiver in the goggles for example.)
  • Ability to share the video with someone at the airfield with me (so some one can also watch the flight
  • Ability to inject a OSD when I get a flight controller setup.
I have also been building sub-250g so far, so on board weight is definitely a consideration. So if it means my better option is to do a ground DVR (even if that means lower quality), I am good with that.


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I got the Skyzone 02c last year and they perform great as goggles AND dvr for a very reasonable price vs other options.

As for cameras you cant beat the Runcam microswift 2 cameras. They have the best and most versatile bios for settings and dont lock you into a crappy preset that is made for indoor static use with just contrast and brightness changes.

So if you want to grow as well as be able to record that is a direction you could take. In the end the box goggles will work but for any serious flying and more need to record then its time to move up. The skyzones would also be more portable then lugging around a huge box AND a ground station every time you fly.

This is the skyzones with zero adjustments out of the box. They "see" slightly different then my original skyzones so I had to update my camera settings in later videos to better match what I like to see but the video and capture quality is better then anything I have seen on fat sharks.

Edit: Oh yeah as for sound that is from the VTX I use and has since gotten foam tests done to mute wind noise.


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You can easily find Fatshark Dom V3s for 200 bucks or so with a module... check Ebay, RCGroups classifieds, etc.