Adam's Readi-Board Availability...


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I was able to Ross at my local Walmart for 88 cents per sheet. While the Dollar Tree stores I had checked had nothing.
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Here in Minneapolis the Dollar Trees have board, but you might have to ask if they have any in the back. Protesters are buying it up left and right for signage. A side note. A sheet of Elmer's foam board is about 227g while a sheet of Dollar Tree foam board is 114g.


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FBM Foam Board Matters

FB back in stock here in Asheville, NC. You can save yourself a trip and actually call them up, and surprisingly, they answer the phone and know the status of FB. At least that's the case here, at 2 local stories. Way better service than I expected!


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Chris - the DT at Guadalupe & McClintock had a full rack yesterday. The one further up Baseline and Kyrene had some as well, and Elliott by the walmart at the 10 was stocked.

Where are you flying? Chandler bowl always has a big turn-out in the mornings before it get's brutally hot, and I've usually got something made out of DTFB with me.