Solved Adjust VTX Power While Flying “How To”

Last summer I figured out how to setup a transmitter switch in Betaflight to adjust VTX output power while flying. I find this very handy when flying and even when bench testing things.

This doesn’t seem like a real popular topic, but some of you may find this “How To” helpful. If you have questions, I’ll try to help. (If I don’t respond here, just post in the YouTube comments. I’ll get an alert)

Notes: You’ll need an adjustable VTX with either Smartaudio or Tramp setup to do this.
My Setup:
FC- Matek F405-CTR and
VTX- Matek Mini 25-800mw

Couple Notes:
- Something has change since I first did this and now you use the AUX # minus 1 (because it counts from 0). Ex: AUX 4 will be value input of 3
- If you have Smartaudio or Tramp and this isn't working make sure it says Device Ready "Yes" in the Video Transmitter Tab