Aero L-39 Albatros V2 - EDF Jet


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What product and what thickness did you use to make this plane?

Quel produit et de quelle épaisseur vous avez utilisé pour fabriquer cet avion ?


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What product and what thickness did you use to make this plane?

Quel produit et de quelle épaisseur vous avez utilisé pour fabriquer cet avion ?
Most people are using Adam's Readyboard, that they buy at Dollar Tree stores in the US. Flitetest water resistant works great, but is more expensive.

Edit: The thickness is about 5mm. It can vary a little from board to board, at least with the budget Dollar Tree Ready Board. The stuff Flitetest sells is also ~5mm, but more consistent, even though it is also made by Adams.


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Do you still have the 70mm plans?
Scale up the existing plans to 140% to use it with a 70mm instead of a 55mm EDF.

Just remember to cut the slots for A and B folds (and similar cutout features) a little narrower than on the scaled plans as your foam-board thickness doesn't increase! When increasing size, I do suggest also adding a piece of wood along the bottom inside of the electronics bay to support the battery and spread out the load over more area.
You'll likely need to tape the plans together, then cut the plans up (separting the individual pieces) to fit them onto foamboard sheets as optimally as you can.

As for the wings when scaled up I just added a thin piece of bass wood to the spar to make it both thicker and much stronger.
I haven't made a 70mm version myself. But this is how I made my 64mm version, and i feel it flies better the larger it is!


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A little over a year ago I released my second EDF jet, and it was my first jet that was based off of a full scale counterpart. My main goals with that design were to make it a relatively easy build while still having it resemble the L-39, as well as giving the builder the ability to fly it with a 50mm EDF, or an equivalent to the FT F pack. After flying it for a year or so I started to notice how boxy everything was, and I found lots spots where I could make the design a little easier to build and more importantly, look a lot better.
So this time my goal was simply to retain or improve the flight characteristics, while getting the model to look more like the full size L-39. This is the end result!!
The biggest changes I've made are adding many more facets, and changing up the geometry of the intakes as well as other curves. Aside from a slightly bigger horizontal stabilizer the plane has the same wing and vertical stabilizer so the flight characteristics of the original model are carried over into version two. The power system has not changed so if you've built V1 you can build version two.

I am proud to announce that I'm receiving help from @Zephyr1 to test out this design with a 70mm EDF power system.



Top speed is great and slows down very well for landing. I was able to clock V1 doing 64 mph at Flite Fest and V2 definitely feels a tad faster, so I'll say it is the realm of around the 70 mph.

The L-39 tracks like an arrow and the controls are very smooth giving you the ability to fly like a pattern ship, but it can become "snappy" and abrupt when you really start banging the sticks around.

If your plane stalls it will likely drop a wing but it is nowhere near entering a spin, all you have to do is level the wings and then power out.

Since the plane lacks a rudder the aerobatic ability is limited to the basics such as, Loops, Rolls, Inverted, Split S's etc.

Take offs-
I like launching this plane by holding it right in front of the wing and giving it a really strong toss, you really need to give this bird a solid toss or else it won't have enough airspeed to sustain flight.

Landing this model is quite simple all you need to do is bleed almost all your airspeed and get it close enough to good 'ol terra firma to put ground effect to work, then right before to hid land, flare the plane and you'll "ride" a cushion of air to the ground.

Skill level-
I'd want to wait until I've flown at least one unforgiving plane that flies quite fast and taught you how to avoid stalling.

Plans: Aero L-39 Plans V2.1

Flight Video:
Question, how do I convert to the ft “ tiled “ plans so I can print on standard copy paper?


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Your welcome.
Just finished mine. Hope to maiden once they cut the corn down.
Have fun and keep us posted.
When the corn is cut , make a video of the maiden id love to see !! I’m new to edf jets and having fun with the build process . I’m used to prop driven planes so the whole ducted fan and thrust tubes and cg is a new world for me . I have a 50mm and just ordered a 80mm edf these things have some serious power for small electric units !!!


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I am new as well. I just built and flew (two short flights) the Ben Harber F-16 With a friend of mine.
Here is the build thread he set up.
so the L-39 is very much in peril. To get video I will need to have my wife come along….she would rather go to the dentist than come out to the flying field with me…so I won’t make any promises.


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this is my first comment of my life
im esteban, from santiago chile
thanks for the plans <3
im modifing the plans to have them at 200% scale, but all perfect for 5mm foamboard, ( im solving all the problems one by one, to get all the joints perfectly fit).
also, i increase the wingspan in 4%
so the end result is a 200% scale of this plane, with the extra 9 cm needed to get
1.5 m of wingspan.
i also making the marks to use carbon fiber spars to re-enforce the wing.
i will continue to add my progress on this thread, when i have it ready



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200% scale of this plane, with the extra 9 cm needed to get
1.5 m of wingspan.
(still using 5mm foamboard)
--> all was edited to successfully work with 5mm foamboard, after scale the original plans to 200%

here are the SVG vector files,
and videos from takeoff and landing

EDF 90mm EPF (4.3 thrust) FSA 95% OUTLET
all up weight - 3.5 kg (with battery 6s 6000mah that weight 870 gr)
flying time - like 6 minutes

servos - 2 aileron + 2 elevator + 1 rudder + 1 servo for front landing gear
--> servos CORONA 239HV

--> plus, a lot of 8mm carbon fiber tubes. and A LOT OF HOT GLUE


--> it flies with the throttle at 1/3


SVG vector files



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