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Airplanes that flitetest should build

I would like to see a few more biplanes in the lineup.
Maybe a Fokker D VII or a Curtiss Jenny, larger than the current mighty miny bipes and a little more modern in design in comparison to the baby blender.


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Glow stuff, by and large. The waterproof foamboard is sufficiently resistant to oil residue that it's perfectly capable of handling wet fuel powerplants!

specific airframes:

B-24 and B-29 to compliment the B-17 in progress



Lockheed Super Constellation

Boeing 747

Airbus A380

Douglas DC-3

Douglas DC-10


Space Shuttle

Bell X-1

Bell X-15


I also second adding more bipes in. Nice scale bipes, preferrably Master Series.


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Anything to build up the EDF sector at this point would be cool. Personally, a mig 25/31 or a Convair Kingfish would be nice. They're both simple designs in terms of the square fuselage and simple enough wings, and both have massive engines, which on the RC would lead to keeping the inlets scale while preserving performance.
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