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Airplanes that flitetest should build


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Please do! I love the F-15. It's either that or the BF-109 WWII fighter for my favorite:unsure::D
F15 build pics.
1) Move the EDF's up to the wood spar. I suggest 2 x 64mm edf.
2) Use Nerdnic's speed wing build design
3) Glue Transparency film in place before closing your wings for the hinges. Don't glue the hinge moving area. Glue both sides. I usually put glue down, put the film in place, quickly glue the whole wing where I need to and close it up. All at the same time.
4) the canopy is also film done in strips.
5) length nose to tail is 31.5 inches, elevators stick out back a little farther. Body width is 7 inches
6) Wing span in 30 (actual size of a wing measured was 10 inch by 9.5 inch and I found that to small and enlarged the wings)
7) Wing root is 11" width is 11.5
8) Elevators are 5.5 x 5.5 inch
9) Rudder are 5.5 x 6 inch and make the inner side of each longer by 1 inch to glue to the inside of the body wall.
10) Leave an air hole. The way I've built this, air will come in either side of the canopy and cool things and air must leave. Make a hole somewhere...
11) Have fun and make sure your servos are tested and centered before you close the wings!


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Awesome! thank you so much!(y)
I added a photo so you can see how I put the 64mm EDF's in. And the 5th picture from the bottom is the beginnings. Basically I freehanded the side wall shape. The bottom plate is 8 inch wide by 11 inch long and I grooved out where the walls go and glued them in. You can till I was bullshitting my way in the beginning. I suggest keeping the back half of the side walls at 2.5-3 inch tall until the elevators are in place then style the back side walls as you see fit. I cut mine off and had to do that to rework the back sides and make the elevators placement a 1/2 inch lower than the main wing, much like the real thing has... sorry if I ran on a bit. Just much needed notes if you going to build it...