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All about JOSH SCOTT


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A thread dedicated to questions for Josh Scott.
Ask questions and get to know this ever-evolving student of flight.
Hey Josh... my dad and I were trying to work out the other day how advanced your flying skills really are... he believes that your actually probably a well known RC pilot and you do all the videos from a beginners perspective... which i seem to think could actually be pretty right... but how advanced are you really?

ALSO, i read you do Graphic Design... so do I brother, is there a link to your work?
I definitely never thought he was 'dumb' he's a champion. And there's always a little hint he knows more than he let's on in the videos


What you see is what it is. I had never touched or known anything about an rc plane until the day we shot our first episode. Unfortunately, between my full time job and my family life, I really don't have a lot of opportunities to improve my flight skills on my own personal time. So you are literally watching me learn and (hopefully) improve with every new episode. It's a slow pace to learn, but I'm glad it's kept me at a "beginner" stage for this long. There's a lot of beginner pilots out there that appreciate that I relate to the level they're at. So, no, I'm not trying to trick anyone ;)


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Josh, great to see you here!

I thought your interview episode went great. The clip they used as the "pre-intro" was classic. You certainly have an expressive face. :D
Loved your bio Josh! It is so great that everyone gets to see the great guy I get to work with. See you tomorrow brother!


PS Jen LOVED the intro too! She watched it three times!
Thanks Fred, I think that's why I was hired (and haven't yet been fired).

And thanks Josh! Heather and I watched your interview together and she just went on and on about how great of a guy you are . And I bawled like a baby when you said all those nice things about me - ok not really, but I did really appreciate it.
haha you guys are awesome. wish i could join you in your RC adventures but i live in AUSTRALIA..

if your ever shooting here (for whatever reason) we must hang so i can learn everything from you hahahaha!

Cannot wait for another episode! been going on facebook and youtube every day about 2-5 times a day just to see if theres any uploads... usually the last thing i do before sleep is watch a few episodes of Flitetest!!

Cannot wait for more "beginner" help videos :)

Keep up the amazingly great work guys!



JOSH SCOTT, do you have a Graphic Design folio i can see!?
Most of what I do is t-shirts, promotional materials, posters, flyers, banners, stuff like that - so that stuff I don't currently have posted anywhere. I do a lot of designing for the church website, but unfortunately our server host recently decided to reboot our server without backing it up first... and lost everything! So now we pretty much have to start from scratch :p

Brian fred carr

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I wont gush on, but you guys have the perfect mix of novice and experience mix. Your individual personalities and
some great directing give the show a real watchability (new word)that all RC pilots cant get enough of...keep flying


Living the dream!
Except for small, self-stabilizing helis, nothing too much.
Same here, I just about managed to hover(ish) a fixed pitch honeybee, but since that crashed into MANY pieces I now stick with the Bixler, JETiger and my home built quad copter. the quad flies like a co-ax heli, so really easy to fly.
I think that Josh Scott is my main man on the program... If you watch Sports, the main announcer keeps up with the stats and the reality of the game... The other person usually with them is for Color (for those not familiar with the term, in simple terms is to add a new angle, or something to make you think, or to go into a different direction). I think it requires more talent to do the color and sometime make yourself look like an idiot to give someone else the chance to bring out the point they want to show. Josh Scott is the perfect choice for that, and you really have to use some brain power and planing to do this. Great job Josh.



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
the two josh really make my monday and wednesday the happiest day of the week.
They certainly do! Always something exciting coming up on those days!

@colorex: Nice picture. it reminds of that conversation between the two:
JB: (Talking about a plane and saying that it is reasonably easy to fly)
JS: So I can fly this plane!
JB: You cannot fly this plane!