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Alternatives Motors For Blackout Mini H Quad?

Hello pilots, I need some help choosing some alternative motors for the Blackout Mini H Quad. The ones on the Blackout site are $43 dollars a piece! Any suggestions?


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Sunnysky X2204 2300kv motors have a good reputation in terms of performance. Look up Soma's Warpquad ; it's an lightweight acrobatic frame designed around these motors. They have a lot of power, but can be "finicky" (you have to choose ESCs carefully, and put in some time to prepare them).

They are usually around 20$ a piece, but they can be hard to find (out of stock everywhere, victim of their own success, I guess).

BTW, Blackout motors are expensive, but they are manufactured by Tiger Motors, which is arguably the best outrunner brand out there. I doubt you'll ever regret getting them, especially if you want motors that are ready out of the box.
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Those are out of stock every where including the Tiger motors. At this point I am just trying to find motors that are in stock that will work with the Blackout H