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  1. Stormy Lake Mini Arrow

    Stormy Lake Mini Arrow

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  3. 20190901_170137_HDR (1).jpg

    20190901_170137_HDR (1).jpg

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  6. Grifflyer

    Plane Mini Master Series Spitfire 1.1

    When I set out to design the Spitfire, I wanted to try keeping things simple and easy to build for a Master Series plane. I chose to go for a fuselage that has an inner frame that then gets skinned in foam, rather than taking the "mold together" route that Overstreet uses. I put a lot of work...
  7. DutchRoll

    FTFC20-Build-Ruary: Main Entry by DutchRoll

    Build Skill: 2, Pilot Skill: 0.75 (Crashed 8 times, max distance 3/4 of a circuit, no landings) FT-Mini Tiny Trainer - Cause my Simple Soarer died before it even lived. Build Photos FT-Mini Corsair - I want a warbird, and I need practice with round fuselages Build Photos FT-Bloody Wonder -...
  8. 20191128_145843.jpg


    My fun little hurricane
  9. AircPirateNinsei

    AP Mini Argus (FT Power Pack A | swappable)

    Here I present you the little brother of Argus, the Mini Argus (prototype) with only 650 mm (25.59 in) wingspan. You will only need one sheet Flite Test Water-Resistant Foam Board By Adams (20 x 30 in) and a Flite Test Power Pack A (or compatible electronics) for the build. Since I only have...
  10. Aero_Knight

    FT Style Mini P-38/61 "Black Lightning"

    There is a post for future FT Plan Ideas and there was some discussion on the P-38 and I decided to jump in and do a design from scratch and it ended up being a bit more than what the original goal was. Thoughts, opinions, ideas are welcome while I finalize the design. Here is the result of a...
  11. macnerd77

    Advice: Need new plane

    I think I found my own answered the question below. The mini scout. Hey all, I currently have a ft mini mustang with a flitepack F and a 75C battery. I am looking for suggestions on a new mini plane. I would like one that flies slower and floats more in the wind. And can utilize my flite...
  12. jsportser

    MINI Foam Board Messerschmitt BF-109

    Here are some plans for a mini Bf-109. The plans aren't pretty, but, feel free to give it a whack. Here are some things you need to know to build it. For the top hatch peel the paper off the bottom side to help it bend. Then for the power pod just sink it in until the motor doesn't show, and...
  13. Dr. Looping Looie

    Mighty mini REDAQ a mini twin seaplane

    My second project for the holidays: This really smart saeplane. The Redaq 1.8 is not my own design, the original EPP version was designed by Dieter W. and is well known in the german seaplane flyer community, you can find it at almost every event. I want to build a mini foamboard version with FT...
  14. Dr. Looping Looie

    Mighty mini Bushwacker

    I love flying my E-flite Timber, especially in the snow, and after seeing the bushwhacker episode on Flite Test, I was fascinated about the small space they were flying in. And I really like the mighty mini setup and size. I dont know why nobody has come up with a smaller bushwacker yet, it...
  15. Michael763

    Mini Aeromaster (Like) Biplane

    Mini Aeromaster Inspired Biplane I have been a fan of Lou Andrews Aeromaster since I was a teen, circa late 1970s and early 1980s. Mine was built for me by my father, that was a great gift. It flew one with a Fox Eagle III on the nose. Now since I returned to RC flying a few years ago I just...
  16. L

    Mini flying wing

    Hi all, I was considering building an ultra micro flying wing and had a few questions. First off, how do you get an ESC that is not built into the receiver and does not cost 60$ like the one from HH. Second question, I saw that all the UMX motor use gearboxes, is this necessary? does it effect...
  17. C

    Mini Ducted Fan - Vought F7U Cutlass

    This aircraft was not such a great full size plane but maybe you could take it to the small scale and make it work? I was thinking this could evovle into a swappable motor pod with a mini ducted fan for other platforms? Or even a multi rotor ducted fan? Just thinking out loud here.......
  18. V

    Flite Test Builds: Add FPV?

    Hi everyone ;) ! I am looking to build a small aircraft that has some acrobatic possibilities and can carry a small fpv system like the Eachine TX03 (weighs about 6 grams). Which ft planes would carry it fine? In particular, would the mighty mini sportster, the mighty mini dr1 and/or se5 carry...
  19. K

    Hello from Colorful Colorado! I need your help....

    Hello all. A couple quick questions from a scratch build beginner. I am building the mini arrow. Running the f pack. I use a Spektrum DX6 transmitter. I'm going to scavenge some parts from a wrecked FPV quad I have. Here is my questions, 1. Will the runcam owl fit into the nose of the mini...
  20. S

    Two minis, one power pack

    My 9 year old (nearly 10) daughter is showing an interest in these planes, and I could use something a bit slower for casual flights in the tiny field behind our office. My Spear is just too fast for my skillset in such tight quarters at the moment. So, I'm thinking about putting together a...